Grade 9 Biology

Students as a summative activity were asked to independently investigate some aspect of the class and present their research as either a voice thread or movie.

Which energy drink will diffuse the best through a cell membrane?

How does light intensity effect the amount of carbon dioxide produced by a plant?

How does glucose concentration effect osmosis across a cell membrane?

Does caffeine effect you heart rate?

What is the effect of salt concentration on osmosis in potato cells?

Does exercise effect a persons heart rate?

Does exercise effect your heart rate?

Does temperature effect the amount of carbon dioxide gas produced by germinating seeds?

What is the effect of temperature on the concentration of carbon dioxide produces during yeast respiration?

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Grade 9 Biology Videos

Gym Rats. How does running affect your respiration rate?

The Holy Egg. How does the enzyme pepsin effect protein digestion?

How does light intensity affect the amount of carbon dioxide produced by germinating pea seeds?

How does colored light affect the amount of starch produced by plants during photosynthesis?